Super Prurient Interest | Coach Dave Live | 02-03-2020

Super Prurient Interest | Coach Dave Live | 02-03-2020

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Super Prurient Interest | Coach Dave Live | 02-03-2020

The Huddle opened the week discussing last night’s Super Bowl.  The half time for soft core porn.  “Why aren’t there warnings?” Asked Coach.  “I think we should sue them.”  We should file a class action lawsuit.  The Super Bowl is designed to offend Christians.  “Why don’t we sue them?”

At minute 12 Coach examined the issue of pornography & obscenity.  See the link below.  The lowest common denominator becomes the standard.

If Christians put up with this, it’s going to continue.  It costs big money to pump this evil into everyone’s homes.  This is a system of hypocrisy that we’ve created.  Coach asked, “Why don’t the big Christian institutions band together and sue the producers of the Super Bowl.” Asked Coach.  “They don’t want to spend the money.”

The God haters are creating new community standards.  A Huddler talked about how the local school board is reacting to him reading graphic books that he got from the school library.  They changed the rules to silence him.

Coach prayed the St. Michael Prayer.

Robert Klous read from his book “Finders Keepers.”

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