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While the crowds were singing praises to Jesus that first Palm Sunday—unseen and dangerous spiritual beings were at work. By Thursday evening of the Passion Week--Satan, himself had entered Judas to carry off the greatest crime of all—the unjust condemnation and execution of Christ. Unseen but dangerous… Every year millions of Americans buy and use millions of gallons of germ-killing, 99.7% effective, anti-bacterial substances—because we fear physical sickness and bodily disease from unseen but dangerous germs. Yet at the same time, many of those same Americans walk blithely through life surrounded by countless evil, soul-threatening, spiritual beings known as Satan and his demons that are also unseen but dangerous, but they take no precautions against them at all. Rather than protect their lives spiritually from deadly spiritual infections, viruses, and contaminants—many people deliberately infect themselves with agents that cause spiritual sickness. Deadly spiritual influences through unseen but dangerous beings that should be avoided, yet they read them, listen to them, think about them, buy them, hoard them, store them, collect them, and meditate upon them regularly. Are you aware that this morning Satan, the incredibly powerful, unseen but dangerous god of this world wants to poison your thoughts and emotions away from the purity of God's truth? The super-powerful, fallen angelic crown prince against whom not even Michael the archangel dared to face-off, has focused his attacks upon us in two areas: our thoughts and our emotions. If we stay unaware of Satan’s unseen but dangerous plan, he will start using the unguarded pieces of life; each little area that we fail to guard, Satan grabs, reconfigures for evil against us and makes another base to attack us.

There Is A War
Swirling Within Us
(FHA-23; 070401AM)
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