Dr. Lee Merritt on Unrestricted Truths: March 2, 2022

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REQUIRED VIEWING! Starts at the 15-minute mark. Lee Merritt joins James Grundvig of American Media Periscope. This is one of the best sessions of truth-telling that you're going to hear. They cover the Putin strategy to take over the bio-weapons labs in Ukraine, the fact that war is being waged on the people of the world thru the GIANT DECEPTION of the Covid-19 pandemic, the issue of "shedding" from vaxxed to non-vaxxed and the agenda for drastic population reduction -- especially of the White, Christian world.
From: https://rumble.com/vwajh3-dissecting-ukraine-biolabs-with-dr.-lee-merritt-unrestricted-truths-ep.-63.html