Where's the Rapid Response Team? | 11.6.2019 | Audio Only

Where's the Rapid Response Team? - 11.6.2019 - Audio Only

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We are commissioned to go into all the earth and share the Gospel, to run the race to win, to buffet our body to make it obedient unto God.

Do you know Satan’s team is zealous?

Are we? No! We don’t pursue truth. We talked earlier this week about wagging the dog. We’re the dog and we’re being wagged. We feel that it will magically get better for our grandchildren…how? If we don’t stand up and fight?!

Are you connected with the churches down the street to fight evil? Or are you asleep on the job and expect to make it into the Kingdom of God?

The Lord may say “I never knew you” if you think you’re a Christian but won’t walk the narrow way that leads to life.

If you’re walking on a broad path, you aren’t saved.

Don’t let me be counted with the timid who won’t stand up for truth.

Pass the Salt!

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