Defending the Foul Line | 11.8.2019 Defending the Foul Line | 11.8.2019

Defending the Foul Line - 11.8.2019

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The Battle is about the destruction of truth.

The average Christian American doesn’t see that the public schools are all about destroying knowledge of the truth.  We must not be ignorant of Satan’s devices.  We must study how the enemy is operating in our religious circles.

We are stewards of the earth.  We are to subdue the earth.  We are to bring it under the captivity of King Jesus Christ.  Go ye into all the world.  Go into the schools, hospitals, churches etc.  The Great Commission.  Hath God really said?

Created Equal has released a new movie on abortion titled, “Abortion:  A Doctrine of Demons.”

Pass the Salt is seriously considering holding a national protest of local ABC affiliates.  Coach needs to hear from folks who are willing to help.  What ABC did with the Jeffery Epstein story is criminal.  Just need a few friends.

Jamie Walden is coming to Central Ohio on November 16.  Go to to register and get more information.

The wickedness of abortion is revealed in Created Equal’s film.  An excerpt from the twenty minute film is featured during the show.  Some women who go to clinics to have abortions are “breeders.”  Monday’s show is about bloodletting.  The guest on Monday took part in 172 abortions that were part of satanic rituals.

The baseball field has the most playing space in center field.  The church chooses to defend the foul lines instead of occupy the entire baseball field.  And it expects the Supreme Court to make all the calls as to whether a play is fair or foul.

Pass the Salt!

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