Debt and Children - 10.4.19

Debt and Children | 10.4.19 Debt and Children | 10.4.19
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The world is crazy with debt. It’s everywhere. And it enslaves us to the governments, who keep us working to pay taxes. The IRS does not own our money, yet we have to give our money to a government that kills babies, and gives our money to enemies of God and our country.

Children are a heritage of the Lord. Heritage is an inheritance, an estate that passes from an ancestor to an heir. What are we passing on to the next generation? The burden of debt?

And financial burdens make young people not want to marry and have lots of children. Yet the Bible says in Psalm 127, “Lo, children an heritage of the Lord: the fruit of the womb reward.” Children are HIS reward. Children carry on the family tradition. If you don’t have children, how do you have a family tradition? 

 We know there are generational curses. Are there also generational blessings? We don’t have to live like the world does, enslaved to debt and the evil government education system. If we could free ourselves of debt, and reset our priorities to live with one income, could moms stay home and educate and nurture their children? Would this lead to a stronger society and culture? Think about it.  

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