Legal vs. Lawful - 10.7.19

Legal vs. Lawful | 10.7.19 Legal vs. Lawful | 10.7.19
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Old Testament Law consists of ceremonial, civil, and moral law. Civil and moral laws reveal the nature of God, and how we are to live.

Important: In lawmaking, there has to be a victim, for a law to be just. What laws are we being punished for, today? Laws without victims, like laws against society – speeding, running stop signs, not paying taxes.

Preemptive laws having no victim serve the government, not the people. And government officials serve whom? Themselves. The government punishes whom they wish, and rewards those whom they wish. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

When the government authorities do not hold officials accountable for enforcing the law, there is no law. And what happens when there’s no enforcement of God’s law by the Church? Anarchy becomes the rule of the day. Once the floodgates of lawlessness open, those attempting to keep the law will be punished.

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