Let's Sue the NFL | Coach Dave LIVE | 2.6.2020

Let's Sue the NFL | Coach Dave LIVE | 2.6.2020

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Coach Dave

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How can they get away with penetrating our homes, and exposing our children to sex on the screen?!

What are we doing to do? Should we not sue them, because we might lose? Should we just pray they come to know Jesus?

Or should we fight for right? I know I’m right. The sissification and the lack of guts in the pulpits today, is the reason we are where we are.

J-Lo’s crotch being pumped into my living room is unacceptable. That doesn’t glorify the Lord.

The Church is the moral standard of the culture. Where is the Church, standing up against evil?!

Let’s sue the NFL!

Pass the Salt!

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